Nano Shield


  • Easy Effortless Application of Superior Nano Shield layer
  • Hydrophobic effects repel dust and water
  • UV, Acid Rain and Abrasion Protection
  • Outstanding Performance Last for 6 months
  • Reduce number of car wash cleaning

CHEMTECH Nano Shield is formulated with advanced polymer nanotechnology for car paint protection. Quick ceramic spray is the same ingredient of CHEMTECH Ceramic Coating 9H that form nano shield on car paint. The nano shield is durable long lasting and tough coating. With the latest CHEMTECH technology, it allows non-professional car enthusiastic to apply ceramic coating easily at anywhere without any skills requirement. This coating spray is compatible with common coating spray in the market and also can be used as regular coating booster.



– Easy application without need skills and curing time

– As a ceramic booster layer for all existing coated cars

– Hydrophobic layer repels water and dirt keeps car exterior cleaner that reduce car wash needs

– Ceramic robust layer protect car paint from UV and abrasion

– Glossy coating layer brighten car paint color and outshine with greater appearance