Nano X


  • Available in 1L, 5L and 20L
  • Use with thermal fogging machine i.e. nano mist
  • Kill 99.9% bacteria, virus, germs, fungi, molds
  • eliminates bad odor
  • get rid of pests
  • fast and effective sanitizing
  • able to reach air space sanitizing into unreached & unseen area such as air-cond air way

NANO X – INTERIOR GUARD Nano X is specially formulated for achieve nano treatment for car interior sanitizing and deodorizing. It is your car interior guard against threats of bacteria, virus, pests, mold and bad odor invasion. It has wide treatment coverage into every air space and surface in the car. Regular use of Nano X keep your car sanitized, refreshing and clean. It is essential for daily travelers, especially for your long day after work or mommy with children. Nano X also keeps your car interior refreshing and sanitized, especially for the long distance travelers who stay in the car for long hours during the journey.