Windscreen Nano Coating


  • Nanotech Coating Hydrophobic layer
  • Water and Dust Repellent
  • Clear vision clarity for windscreen, mirror and glass
  • Suitable for front lamp, side mirror and windscreen
  • Apply on inside of the windscreen act as antifogging agent
  • Available in 250ml, 1L and 5L

CHEMTECH Windscreen Nano Coating is a advanced polymer science ceramic coating for glass surfaces such as windscreen, window, mirror and so on. By having the latest nano coating technology, the hydrophobic nano layer on the glass surface serves as a protective film and repellent layer for water and dust. CHEMTECH Windscreen Nano Coating provides you a better clarity vision for better road safety. Get a kit pack of CHEMTECH Glass Cleaner and Windscreen Nano Coating today!

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